Since I last posted on this blog, much has changed. I am now a junior at Columbia University, majoring in Linguistics. I am also currently spending an exchange semester in Singapore, studying at the National University of Singapore! Accordingly, I have been convinced to get this blog going again, this time with my thoughts and experiences from Singapore! Also, there will be a special focus on food, since I love eating and Singapore is a Mecca for culinary delights ;)

I have only been here for 3 days, so it is still too early to summarize my first impressions of this city-state. I can only say that I am boiling hot all the time (27+ C day and night, no A/C), but really enjoying the change of pace from the cold wet New York winter I left behind in December, and the cool dry Italian winter I left behind last week (I spent my winter holidays in Italy, an awesome trip with my awesome lady!).

To anybody who follows this blog, I hope you'll enjoy the updates as they come! My goal is to post at least once per week, so check back in a few days for the first real update, complete with photos, and hopefully not too much moronic rambling.



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