Okay, so maybe you thought I abandoned this blog. WRONG!

Everybody who will read this already knows my basics by now, so I'll get right into a decent story.

On Monday morning this week, it was raining. Nothing unusual, a typhoon out in the ocean was causing some drizzling; not anything major. Anyway, I usually ride my bike to Sheung Shui station (about 10-15 mins) to catch my minibus to school. Since it was raining, I couldn't ride my bike, so for the first time, I attempted to take a public bus. My host dad told me which number to take, so I thought it would be no problem, and it would even be quicker than biking.

It should have been quicker...

I got on bus 270A, the correct bus, but I forgot about the direction. It didn't even cross my mind. I just got on and waited for the announcement lady to say 'Sheung Shui Station' and for the words to flash up onto the screen. After about 15 minutes, I thought there might be a problem. It should have been a really short ride, but I didn't know how short. I waited a little longer. Too long.

When I saw the bus continue straight on past a sign stating that a right turn would take me to Sheung Shui and going straight would lead to Kowloon, I realized something was very wrong. I called my host dad, and we sorted it out on the phone. Whether I liked it or not, I was going to Kowloon. No stops along the way to escape. Not a chance of being on time to school, and I still had to make my way to Tuen Mun somehow once I arrived there.

So, as instructed by my Dudu, I got off at Kowloon MTR station (the terminus for that bus) and then took the orange line mtr to Nam Cheong (10 mins), then the entire West Rail Line (45 mins?), then the Light Rail from Tuen Mun to Kin Sang(10-15). I don't even want to know how much it all cost...

Actually I was only about 2 hrs later than usual to school and I missed the morning assemble (yay!) and my first two lessons, both geography. But, the experience was worth it. Getting lost in HK is safe, and its not hard to find your way to a train station, which connects you with everything. Plus now I know how to take a bus from my home to Kowloon!

Recap of transportation:

Bus: 1 hr
MTR: 10mins
Train: 45 mins?
Light Rail: 10 mins
Minibus: 35 minutes

On the way home I took my normal minibus about 35 minutes, and walked home.

Crazy day to say the least.

So now it's Tuesday and I have no school because Typhoon Koppu has moved in. Level 8 warning means no school! Hooray!

And yes, now I know where the bus stop is to catch 270A going TOWARDS Sheung Shui.