Just got back from a 2 week college road trip/family visit in the northeast. A little bit about each place visited:

Kalamazoo College (Michigan): Really went there for my sister, of no interest to me

Juniata (PA): Same as above

Swarthmore (PA): Snobbiest seeming school, beautiful campus, of no interest to me

Columbia (NYC): Great school/campus, definitely applying, probably not getting in

NYU: Unfriendly admissions people, no 'campus' feel

Wesleyan (Connecticut): Disappointing town, terrible info session lady, not good

Vassar (NY): Great campus, great school, definitely one of my favorites

Hampshire (Mass.): Very interesting alternative system, intriguing and very different from other places visited

Tufts (Mass.): Horrible info session guy; too smarmy,decent campus, nothing great or terrible

Cornell (NY): My favorite campus and school, everything great

In the end, Cornell was my favorite and Wesleyan my least favorite. Also had a lot of fun w/ cousin/aunt/uncle/Nana in NY.

Still waiting for my departure and family info for Hong Kong, and the conference call w/ AFS was a bit useless because the person who could give specific information about Hong Kong was absent. I spoke to the other American going there though, so that part was great.

Until more info arrives,


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On August 19, 2009 at 3:54 AM , Lee said...

Hi Ben,

Hope the trip goes really well. You sound 100% positive and that's great to know. I am sure you will have a tremendous learning and growing experience. I will follow your blog all the way.

Ciao and all the best luck for your year abroad.